KUB Basic Wall mount

Wall mount support for KUB Basic & KUB Premium.

Easily and securely mounts the KUB to your wall. Compatible with Kub Basic and Kub Premium. Easily and securely hang KUB Basic and KUB Premium with the custom designed wall mount. The wall mount comes in 2 color variants: White (for KUB Basic) and aluminum (for KUB Premium). Enjoy a modern design that fits all kind of environments, as well as quick and easy assembly with hardware included. Wall mount is made out of steel.

* KUB Dispenser NOT included

Contains: White Wall mount (KUB Basic)

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Discover the benefits



Smart IOT technology monitors refill consumption and battery life and auto-requests refills

Save money

Save money

One Touchland cartridge lasts TWICE as long as Gel cartridges

Sanitize and moisturize

Sanitize and moisturize

Infused Aloe Vera & essential oils hydrate while sanitizing



Unique protection tray and security locker provides peace of mind



Real-time water saving counter supports environmental friendliness



Easily and affordably brand with your company or organizations logo

Low maintenance through Smart Technology

  • Each KUB or KUB Premium self-monitors for needed refills and battery life; communicating directly with Touchland HQ.
  • Your KUB or KUB Premium will alert you when to replace a refill or charge batteries.
  • Any hardware or software hiccups can be reported through the app to Touchland for suggested replacement or repair.
  • App can monitor up to 100 dispensers, while the website platform can monitor up to 20.000 dispensers – a seamless solution for small to large enterprises.
  • App available on Google Play and App Store. 

Sanitizing Reimagined

  • Introducing our revolutionary aqueous formulation that leaves a fresh yet hydrating feeling in your hands.
  • Touchland’s fast-evaporating formula prevents the sticky feeling that gel and foam often leave on ones hands.

Kills 99.99% of germs | Triclosan free | Cruelty free | Paraben-free | Dermatologically tested

Safe & Smart

A unique tray design and keyed-access security lock prevents the youngsters from playing with the device, and assurance that only those whom you grant access can access the cartridge.

A Sustainable alternative to using water and soap

By 2025, 2/3 of the world’s population won’t have access to fresh water. Touchland is doing its part to curb this trend, and provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to unnecessary water-waste. With our custom app, you can visualize a REAL TIME water-savings counter.

* WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION recommends to clean your hands by rubbing them with an alcohol-based formulation, as the preferred mean for routine hygienic hand antisepsis if hands are not visibly soiled. It is faster, more effective, and better tolerated by your hands than washing with soap and water.


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